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Ryan Mendoza in Red Desert, Geneva

Works by Ryan Mendoza are included in the group exhibition Red Desert, a place where activism becomes attitude at Atvera's Gallery in Geneva. Featuring works by a.o. Wim Delvoye, Olafur Eliasson, Barthélémy Toguo and Hans Op de Beeck. On view until 25 February 2017.

Geneva (Switzerland) – From the 18th of November until the 25th of February, Atvera’s Gallery will open vast new horizons for experimental art. It will become a Red Desert, a place where activism becomes attitude. This exhibition curated by Flaminia Scauso will focus on the legacy of Monte Verità, one of the most artistically prolific places in the History of Switzerland. Wim Delvoye, Olafur Eliasson, Carmen Perrin, Ryan Mendoza, John Isaacs, Scoli Acosta, Pietro Ruffo, Barthélémy Toguo, Aron Demetz, Hans Op de Beeck, Benedetto Marcucci and Miguel Chevalier will take part in this project by thoroughly researching the theme of activism.

Red Desert aims to explore the legacy of Monte Verità on the contemporary art scene through the following: Politics, Environment, Technology and Art.

Art is not a simple representation of reality. On the contrary, it makes it truly visible and understandable. As such, Red Desert will immerse the viewer in thought provoking political debates pertaining to mobility, emigration and racism. Artists are indeed gradually becoming spokesmen for the public, especially concerning the environment. They bring forth questions about greenhouse gas emissions, our ephemeral lifestyles and our growing ecological awareness. On the other hand, technological art is taking hold of media, dematerializing artworks in the middle of this digital era. Finally, art is an act of contemplation. It makes us introspective and subtly turns our attention towards what lies beyond the surface of our world, making us strongly question the absurdity of our existence.